Author: montse-majem
Per respondre la pregunta de l'itinerari "Què passa dins el nostre cos quan juguem?", els equips de treball han construït una maqueta amb material divers: caixes, globus, cables, canyes, taps... Al final de l'itinerari, ells mateixos, valoraran si aquestes maquetes s'adapten a la realitat.
ROMANTIC SONGS AND HOW THEY MAKE US FEEL: To celebrate Saint Valentine’ s the 1st ESO Advanced students have chosen their favourite love songs and described to the class why and what they feel when listening to them: 1. GERMAN CAMP. ED SHEERAN PERFECT: I like the lyrics of this beautiful romantic song; and the musician
During this term in drama we have been working on giving the children confidence in speaking English but through the medium of Theatre. This is such a brilliant way to introduce new vocabulary, pronounciation and intonation because the children forget that they are even learning English. We have been doing a variety of speaking, miming,