Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Muench, it’s a pleasure to be a part of this fantastic community as a Language Assistant with Escola Pia Balmes!

So far it has been an incredible experience being able to work with the students on their English language skills. Each day I bounce from classroom to classroom and complete fun and engaging speaking activities!

I feel privileged to be able to teach a wide range of students from Primary, ESO, and all the way to BAT. So far I’ve been able to learn from the students their unique backgrounds, what they are passionate about, and what inspires them to perform academically!

I love hearing their stories and what makes each student at Pia Balmes special. Going into school every day has opened my eyes to how hardworking and eager the students at this school are. 

I am originally from Manchester, Vermont in the United States which is a small town but is a place that is worldly and inspired me to travel while focusing on my responsibility, integrity, and service. I come from a family of educators so throughout my life I have seen how a good teacher can give a student a brighter perspective on the world and education itself.

I am absolutely in love with Barcelona and all it has to offer. Being able to fully immerse myself in a new culture while also giving pieces of my way of life to the city and the students is a blessing. This has been a great journey with Escola Pia Balmes so far and I am so happy to be here throughout the year!