Un curs més, i dins del Projecte d’Escola Multilingüe, la nostra escola torna a donar la benvinguda als i les Auxiliars de Conversa.

Aquest any comptem amb 5 auxiliars que compaginen les seves tasques com a auxiliars lingüístics en les classes de llengua anglesa “speaking assistant” a Batxillerat, ESO i Cicle Superior de primària, amb les hores AICLE (Aprenentatge integrat de Continguts i Llengües Estrangeres) d’E.F. i psicomotricitat, música, Natural Science, robòtica, etc.

Let me introduce you to…

  • Millicent Jane Sullivan de United Kingdom, per Batxillerat i 2n cicle de l’ESO.
  • Ross Wrightson de Glasgow, Escòcia (UK) per Batxillerat, 1r cicle de l’ESO i Cicle superior de primària.
  • Natasha Grace Kitson de South Australia, exclusivament   present a I5
  • Ella Tasker de United Kingdom, exclusivament present a I4. Voluntària per un trimestre
  • Claudia Vicho, exclusivament present a I3.
  • Aidan Luma d'Estats Units per AICLE Primària (Educació Física i música) i PFI.
  • Rebecca Mitchell, Irlandesa. Voluntaria durant el 2n trimestre. Assistent de conversa de 1r a 6è
  • Jasmine Melia, Britànica. Present exclusivament a i4.

We wish them the best stay with us!

Hi, I’m Ella and I’m really excited to be volunteering as an English Assistant here at Escola Pia Balmes until Christmas! I’m 22 years old, I’m from the Lake District in the North-West of England and I recently graduated from the University of Cambridge after completing a degree in Modern Languages. I absolutely love languages and I know how important they are in education, so I’m really excited to be here helping to teach English in Pia Balmes. I can’t wait to become part of the school community, whilst also learning all about Catalan culture and experiencing everything Barcelona has to offer. I hope the children really enjoy and benefit from having me here and I can’t wait to watch their English skills grow over the next few months!

I'm Millie, one of the Language Assistants at the school. It is my second year here at Pia Balmes and I am so excited to continue my English conversations with the students! We have lots of fun together and my students teach me new things every single day. My home is back in the North East of England but since I've been in Spain for over a year, Barcelona really feels like a true home to me now. I enjoy riding my bike around the city and playing on the Barcelona Netball team. I'm ready for this next school year and to inspire and be inspired by the Pia Balmes kids even more!


I'm Cally, I'm 23 years old and from Bristol, UK. I am volunteering in Escola Pia Balmes as an English Language assistant throughout the summer term and I will be working along side primary 1st - 6th grades. I am really looking forward to getting to know the kids and to help support them with their English journey, as well as getting out and about to explore this amazing city!

“Hi! My name is Ross, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Glasgow, Scotland! This is my 2nd year working as a languages assistant as I was originally based in an international school in Montgat. I am thrilled to be part of the Escola Pia family and have been thoroughly enjoying working with the different ages and levels in the school to improve English speaking skills.”

My name is Claudia and I’m the conversation assistant at I3. My goal is to introduce the English language to the children every day, playing, working with habits and routines, etc. This type of learning makes me happy to continue working in this school since I have been here for two years. Working with children is one of the things that makes me grow up and improve every day.

Hi, I’m Rebecca! I’m a volunteer language assistant for the 2nd term. I’m from Northern Ireland and this is my first
time being in Barcelona so I’ve been loving getting to know the city and its culture. So far I’ve really enjoyed
working with the all the kids in primary. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch them improve and see how their
confidence grows with the English language.

Hello, my name is Aidan! I am from the United States, working as an English language assistant at Escola Pía Balmes in Barcelona. Mainly, I work with primary students in Physical Education classes. But I am also assisting in Music classes and with PSI students as well. It gives me a lot of joy to help improve the students’ English speaking skills; as it will equip them with the necessary language tools to communicate on an international level.

Hi I’m Jasmine Melia and I am one of the new language assistants at Pía Balmes! I’m from the Wirral in the North-West of England and I have recently graduated from University with a degree in Law and Spanish. I found a love for learning languages through learning Spanish at school and I am so excited to be able to share this enthusiasm with the infantil groups in which I have been placed. I look forward to the next 6 months with the school and watching the children grow in confidence with speaking English!