CAPS weekly blog – 8 feb.


This week in my English for Teachers class, we played 20 Questions. Here, the teachers were given an unknown person and they had to figure out who they were by asking no more than 20 questions. The teacher’s really enjoyed the change of pace from our usual lessons to something a little more interactive.


This week we focused on speaking in small groups using the vocabulary and sentence structures each grade is working on in class. In 1st and 2nd Theatre classes we are performing our play and In 6th we are presenting our projects on “A Trip to Barcelona”.


This week was one of transition for Infantil. In P3 and P4 we summed up our unit on Toys and we are beginning with animals both farm and Jungle. In P5 we completed our lesson on clothes and we are beginning our lesson on bread and its ingredients and how it is made. In Psico it was amazing to see how imaginative the children can be. They built homes out of ropes and hoops it was awesome!