CAPS Weekly Blog – Testimonial

Maddie Scanlan

I had a fantastic experience this past year at Escola Pia Balmes! Each of my three host families were amazing and made me feel so welcomed and loved. I learned all about Catalan and Spanish culture and in turn shared my own traditions and history. Living and working with the children outside of school visibly strengthened their confidence and skills in English language learning and over the three months I spent with each family I felt as though I became an integral member of each family. I loved every second of my experience and I can’t wait to visit Barcelona in the future and reconnect with all the friends and family I made during my time at Escola Pia Balmes.



It has been such an amazing year! It may have started a little rocky but there has been more than enough fun and excitement this year to make up for it. I really enjoyed all of the cultural exchanges. It was great fun getting to know my families this year as we enjoyed our trips around Catalunya. I am also very happy I could share my culture with my classes when my parents came to visit me and all the students. It was a really great experience that I will never forget!


Marco Quattrociocchi

This was such a fantastic year that I have decided to come back and repeat my position at Escola Pia Balmes. We had a lot of fun this year learning about new holidays and traditions from North America. I had a lot of fun living with the families and sharing as much English as I could. Whether it was baking a pizza, making a cheesecake, or just doing some arts and crafts, it was a great time with all of the families.



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