“When I arrived at Escola Pia Balmes, the first thing that struck me was the size of the school. Although I had explored the area on Google Maps, I had no idea there were over seven floors and 1000 students! I have been teaching ESO and Batxillerato students and have been very impressed by their command of English. I have particularly enjoyed assisting Victor in physical education classes which are held in English. I look forward to getting to know the students and teachers better as the year progresses, and am grateful to everyone for being so welcoming and helping me settle in.” SEBASTIAN

“Escola Pia has created a friendly atmosphere and nurtures creativity which is what motivated me to return to the school as a language assistant for a second year. I enjoy helping the children with their english in classes besides the english class such as Summen, physical education and music. I think this is a profitable method of learning a language and it’s great to see all the things the children are learning about! This week I have been in classes introducing myself and getting to know the children so they know to always speak to me in English!” CORRIE

“The first week at Escola Pia has been excellent, absolutely indicative of the year to to come! I have been having a wonderful time assisting in PSICO, Music and Summem. It has been such a great week of introductions and getting to know the kids of infantil! I am looking forward to getting to know the kids better, exploring music, PSICO and art in Summem and all with the introduction of English! “ REIGN