As the term went on with 4th groups, it was time to "pack" to go on their "Excursió en família", their second SUMMEM project.

First we learnt about places, continents, countries and seas. We sang catchy songs and we worked with chromebooks: they practiced looking for images, copying and pasting, using a translator. They loved being able to use technological resources.

In these videos, students were asked to prepare for an imaginary trip to a destination of their choice. After deciding on where to go, the students created a list of what they will need to bring. Once they had chosen what items they would need to bring with them, the students placed the items into different categories such as food & drink, clothes, etc. Then the students were asked the purpose of each item. For example, students going to a destination near the beach would bring a swimsuit. The students must have also chosen a time of year to go on their trip, so it was important for them to think carefully about which objects they would bring. In this activity, students were exposed to different English vocabulary necessary for preparing for a trip, understanding the weather and seasons, and more.