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Infantile This week I read the story Monkey Puzzle to my P4 class, it is a story that they enjoy because they like talking about animals and seeing pictures of them and of course making the different animal noises! During story time this week we have been watching the story of Hansel and Gretel which
Infantil This week in Infantile we have been learning about a variety of different things. In P3 I read a story to the children about a Monkey looking for his mother- this enabled the children to practice their animal vocabulary. In P4 I also read a story about animals so the children could practice their
Infantile This week in Infantile we have been practising English songs with the children! We have been singing many different songs including ´Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ´I´m a Dancing Christmas Tree´. It has been a lot of fun to see the children learning new songs in English and seeing them learning the different dances.
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Infantil This week I have been practicing conversation with the children using the Gruffalo. I have been asking the students to tell me what happens in the story and they are very used to the story and enjoy it so it's a good way to ascertain their level of English. Story time has also been
Infantil This week I read the younger children called Charlie Cook´s Favourite Book which is a story about lots of different types of books. The children seemed to enjoy it and I was able to practice vocabulary with them aswell. This week I also showed a presentation about a British celebration called Bonfire Night which