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In celebration of Easter, the primary first and second students went on an Easter Egg Hunt. Popular in the United Kingdom and the United States, Easter egg hunting is a game during which colorfully decorated Easter eggs with small prizes inside are hidden and children search to find as many as they can. With the
Primary 1st Theater Workshop Description In the primary 1st theater workshop, the students were given a short play to memorize and act out. The play titled, ¨Run, Run Run¨, is about a giraffe contently eating lunch who receives warnings from a few animal friends of the danger of an oncoming lion that is stalking him
During few weeks of the second term, students from 3r primary have been studying the Water Cycle in English, as a part of the Projecte interdisciplinari de l’aigua. We started with a brief brainstorming to know how much knowledge they had on the general topic and then I focussed it on the water cycle as
With primary 5, we used students’ passion for the dramatic arts to prepare them for real life situations in a fun way: acting. Using props from another department, we conducted a role play where students had to pretend to be customers trying to buy clothing items. The students were given the same basic shopping dialogue

Un total de 7 centres educatius catalans s’incorporen a la Carta Erasmus d’Educació Superior S’ha publicat la selecció de centres educatius que han obtingut la Carta Erasmus d’Educació Superior 2017 (ECHE), que distingeix els centres que promouen la modernització i la internacionalització de l’educació superior participants en el programa Erasmus+. Enguany s’han seleccionat 7 centres


[Font: Catalunyareligió: 250 joves catalans repensen l’educació amb el programa del papa Scholas Ciutadania] Fins a 145 alumnes joves d’escoles cristianes de Catalunya han participat al programa Scholas Ciutadania impulsat pel papa Francesc quan va ser arquebisbe de Buenos Aires. Divendres es van reunir al Col·legi Sant Ignasi de Sarrià per presentar conclusions després d’una setmana de diàleg entorn