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La nostra escola participarà en el projecte Ignite Your Passion d'AIESEC. Per dur-lo a terme, vindran 4 joves voluntaris de diferents països per treballar amb l'alumnat de 6è de Primària, Secundària i Batxillerat els Objectius de Desenvolupament Sostenible de l'ONU per conscienciar sobre els problemes de la societat i el benestar del planeta. Entraran a
Breaking news on SUMMEM English at 3r Primary. We worked today on "animal habitats" as they are dealing with the topic in their IA. They have learnt about different wild animals and their habitats, such as grasslands, water or jungle. They have shown lots of interest and worked really well.
Maddie Scanlan I had a fantastic experience this past year at Escola Pia Balmes! Each of my three host families were amazing and made me feel so welcomed and loved. I learned all about Catalan and Spanish culture and in turn shared my own traditions and history. Living and working with the children outside of
Benvolgudes famílies,   Estem preparant l’arribada de la novena promoció d’auxiliars de conversa a les escoles que participen en el programa CAPS (Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools). Els auxiliars de conversa són nois i noies per a qui l’anglès és llengua materna i que col·laboren en el projecte multilingüe de les escoles que els han sol·licitat, participant-hi
ESO/BATX This week, we did some experiments with the 3rd ESO. We went to the laboratory and practiced how to make a scientific precise solution of sodium chloride (or in simple terms, we learned how scientists make saltwater). The students enjoyed practicing with the various equipment and seeing how laboratory technique is very different from