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ESO/BATX The 1ESO and 2ESO students played Taboo to help increase their speaking and vocabulary knowledge. They had to describe words like Police, Chocolate, Birthday without being able to say very obvious clues (like 112, Candy, Born). All of the students were able to get involved and describe some words! (It always helps when they
ESO/BATX This week in my English for Teachers class, we tried to describe some weird and funny photos. Some of these pictures were made to be funny by the artists; others were once normal actions but now time has made them seem very special; and even others defy explanation. Can you guess what was going
ESO/BATX This week in my English for Teachers class, we played 20 Questions. Here, the teachers were given an unknown person and they had to figure out who they were by asking no more than 20 questions. The teacher’s really enjoyed the change of pace from our usual lessons to something a little more interactive.
ESO/BATX This week we have started to talk about a weird North American tradition: Groundhog Day. The students were shown what a groundhog is and how it builds its underground home called a burrow. We then showed how these animals are used to predict spring: if he sees his shadow, there will be more winter; if