2nd ESO School Song Contest

The 2nd ESO Advanced group once again competed in the School Song Contest. This year, 10 teams from 7 schools competed at St Gabriel to determine who could make the best song, music video, and dance routine.

First, the students had to determine a theme for their song. This year, the students chose to tackle racism and why it needs to end. To highlight their choice, the students decided to call their band Black Snow. With their band name chosen, the students could then create their album cover.

With their band name chosen and their album designed, the students then had to work on the most important part of the contest: the song. The class decided to choose the song We Are Humans Anyway . The students wrote an very apt chorus to express their views:

Hey, people, we’re all the same
This world we have to change
No matter the colour of your skin
Or your race
Doesn’t matter if you are white or black, a woman or a man
So people, we’ll have to change,
We are humans anyway

Now that they had finished their song lyrics, they had to create a music video for the song. After coming up with the story they wanted to tell in their video, the students spent several days filming all throughout the school. Then it was several days of recording the audio and editing the video, making sure everything looked just right.

When they were pleased with their video, the students started to choreograph their dance. They spent a lot of time in the theatre making sure that they knew their dance by heart and everyone had a chance to contribute.

Finally, after months of work throughout the school year, the students were finally able to compete against the other teams. All of the students did an amazing performance and Escola Pia Balmes finished 3rd! We are all very proud of our students and all of the hard work they put into representing our school.